Christopher Bowden Photography LLC

Christopher Bowden Photography LLC

It was my pleasure to interview Christopher Bowden, of Christopher Bowden Photography LLC about this stunning bathroom photo that he took for a client. Please read our interview below and share your thoughts on this amazing design:

LonsDesigns: This bathroom photograph is so STUNNING, that it literally takes your breath away! It’s almost a shame to call it a bathroom. Can you talk a little about this project that you shot?  

Christopher:  “I know, I love that bathroom photograph as well. It was taken for Brenda Lee Design out of Scottsdale Area Arizona and it was taken at the resort Tessoro in Rocky Poing (Puerto Penasco) Mexico, which is about four hours from Phoenix or Tucson and only one hour from the border. Brenda’s design and the builders effort to make the resort a very nice resort shows in the photographs. It took me three days to take the photographs in this penthouse. There are a few things I love about my photography: I always take my time and get the photographs that I want to get. Of course, I always get what the client asks for, but I don’t stop there, I make sure that my photographs tell the story that I saw when I walked in. I have had a camera in my hands now for 25 years and been an architectural photographer for 17 years. Interior Design Photography and Architectural Photography are both in my blook and going to work for me is play time.”   

LonsDesigns: You’re obviously a very talented interior design photographer; in your opinion, what makes for a great interior design shot?

Christopher: “What I honestly do is bring out someone else’s work of art, with my art. Working with Interior Designers is great and a little funny as well. I have worked with many interior designers and at first they are all over the place poking around in my shots, but then finally after the first day of shooting, they sit back and know that they are in good hands and trust my skills. They usually realize that I want their interior design to look perfect in my photograph! So what makes for a great interior design shot – first the design. Second for me is my feelings of the interior design I am photographing (what does it say – moody, open, happy, elegant, clean, dark, etc.). I have to get along with the interior designer and there has to be some type of bond between us, if they are present during the photo shoot because I have to feel very very comfortable with them to shoot in front of them. Now if they are not there and it is just me, then that is when I really explode, especially if I have a good bond with them, then my lighting just flows from me.”

LonsDesigns: I love what you just said in the 1st sentence of your answer above about “ART” our tagline is “Interior Design Is Art”, so that’s perfect! I believe there are so many creative art forms and photography is definitely one of them. I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and sharing this information with us Carla. Is there anything futher you’d like us to know?

Christopher:  “I love travel and I love architectural photography. I will go anywhere in the world at a seconds notice. I am single so always free to pursue my art. Besides that I am planning on making the worlds most successfully architectural photography company has ever been, with offices all over the world. Chicago is actually in my next phase of expansion after I get back from my World Photography Tour! by Christopher Bowden Photography. All my work is done thru the camera with lighting, not thru the computer, and there is a big difference. The difference is I know what I am doing and not relying on the computer to save me”

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