DESIGNED w/Carla Aston

DESIGNED w/Carla Aston

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It was my pleasure to interview Carla Aston, of DESIGNED w/Carla Aston about this stunning bathroom transformation. Please read our interview below and share your thoughts on this amazing design:

LonsDesigns: Carla this bathroom is awesome. The open cabinets on both sides of the bathroom mirror is genius! They’re both beautifully designed and offer the practical value of extra storage. Did the client request extra storage space? What was the catalyst for adding the open cabinets? 

Carla: “Yes, they really needed more storage. We were looking everywhere for a few inches of space to store things from their closet and bathroom. They wanted an uncluttered look”

LonsDesigns: Awesome, you clearly provided an uncluttered look. The window can’t be ignored in this space, please talk a bit about that.

Carla: The window really had to be changed out if a shower was going to be installed in that location. To accommodate it, we put in a smaller window — up high — to retain privacy and bring in lots of light. The milky glass had a coloration similar to the onyx and marble counters, and it beautifully complimented everything else in the space.

LonsDesigns: I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and sharing this information with us Carla. Is there anything futher you’d like us to know?

Carla: “I’d love it if visitors to this blog would like me on my Facebook page below

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