Edwards Architects, LLC

Edwards Architects, LLC

It was my pleasure to interview Kim Zingre of Edwards Architects, LLC about their Assisted Living Dining Room pictured above.


Lons_Designs: I love a dining space that allows for a bit of privacy; one where the tables aren’t positioned too closely. Your design seems just right! Did you have space in mind when you created the space or was it the fact that in an assisted living dining room, there’s a need for more space?

Kim: “I planned and positioned the tables initially on CAD, and I tried to allow space for a wheelchair or walker to be able to pass between tables even if people were sitting at the tables.  We tried to fit the appropriate number of tables to the space allowed, not cram in a certain number of seats.  The background of the photo shows double doors leading to a more private dining area, with a more intimate setting.”

Lons_Designs: Kim Talk about the color concept for the design.

Kim: “The owners were looking for a scheme which incorporated earth tones and still felt new and refreshing.  We accomplished this with teal blue as our primary color, white trim, brushed nickel fixtures, and light wood flooring.”

Lons_Designs: I can’t thank you enough for stopping by our blog and allowing us to showcase your work. Is there anything else you’d like us to share with our readers?

Kim: Although we focus mainly on commercial projects, our firm is growing and expanding into residential design.

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