Jeannie Richard Jewelry

Jeannie Richard Jewelry

It’s my pleasure to post information on the beautiful jewelry by Jeannie Richard, of Please read her descriptions below and share your thoughts on her amazing designs:

Mimicking the chainmaille version of interlocking rings that form the classic love knot, here you 
will appreciate it done with silver beaded rings interlocking each other. The effect? A result of 
texture that alloweach bead to glitter and reflect when light hits it! And marrying the 
characters of soft and hard elements, each beaded love knot is intersected with silver 
Chainmaille work of flower motifs, striking a balance, between the two elements.
The love knot, as the name clearly suggests, is a symbol of committed love.
To us, it also carries itself on an unending journey of love that interlocks within itself.

This is actually a second addition to the original Indian Summer Flower earrings 
that come in delicious purple and bronze.
We wanted to have these have these flower earrings depict the summer breeze colors in this bohemian 
personality. And what other color than the summery Caribbean teal to celebrate or resurrect the 
cheer of summer!
A matching bracelet is also available :

This design is our signature piece from our WOMAN range that comes with a matching cuff
( and earrings (
Again, here we marry the two elements of hard and soft into one piece that is dedicated to the 
woman in you. The many roles a woman has to play in her to the people in her life, for…
She is soft yet strong
She is soft yet strong.
She is daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend.
She is commander at home and at work.
She is joy and wrath in a day.
She is all-sacri#cing for the people she loves.
She is the meaning to her man in his life.
She is… WOMAN.

Here’s is what Jeannie would like our readers to know: 

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