Monica Storage Bed by Naula

Monica Storage Bed by Naula

It was my pleasure to interview Angel Naula, of Naula about this sleek and stylish platform bed. Please read our interview below and share your thoughts on this amazing bed that is functional and stylish: 

LonsDesigns: This platform bed is sleek and beautiful. Why do you think platform beds are so popular and no longer a fad, but a standard?

Angel:  The platform bed allows for an aesthetic that has very clean lines.  It appeals to our clients who have a taste for Minimalism and also to those that are looking for a simply styled bed that they can embellish with textiles, pillows/cushions, or even custom upholstery to make it feel like their own.  Contemporary platform beds like this one can serve as the foundation to unlocking your own personal style and in this case, can be easily transformed into a functional focal point.”   

LonsDesignsTalk about the storage units on this bed and what made you decide to add the storage to the “Monica” bed, which is also sold on your site.

AngelThe Monica Bed provides almost 40 cubic feet of storage space (enough for about 100 pairs of shoes).  The platform is equipped with a specially fitted hydraulic lift system that can be operated with only two fingers.  The design for the Monica was actually developed around the concept of storage.  Having the same style of bed without the hydraulic lift system was an after-thought.  The final design looks clean, contemporary, and doesn’t even look like it has storage underneath when the unit is closed.

LonsDesigns: I totally agree with what you said about platform beds allowing for customization with textiles, pillows, etc. and I think the hydraulic lift is totally unique and makes this bed truly awesome. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

There are many exciting things that are happening at Naula right now.  We are having a Grand Opening Reception for our Brooklyn Showroom next week on August 15th  @ 7pm (349 Suydam Street – 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11237).  Our space is more than a furniture showroom, but rather a “luxe lifestyle destination” where we have lighting, textiles, accessories and art/sculpture available.  For the party, we’ve invited many members of the press, celebrity clients, and numerous industry designers to attend.  And 2 new pieces from Angel Naula’s workshop will be revealed that night…  If you can’t make the party, they will be shown on our website very soon.  We are really looking forward to it.”


Now let’s design a Platform Bed of Your Dreams!

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