Saturday Shout Out to The Small Wall!

We’re Giving a Special Saturday Shout Out to:

The Small Wall” My Review is below: 

“The Small Wall” is an adhesive backed paint sample board, that provides an easy way for you to sample paint colors on your wall, without actually painting the walls. 🙂  “The Small Wall” was created by Julie Caliel Boney and she and her husband Steve run their company and offer several products to aid in home decor. Julie offered to send me a sample pack via Twitter: “Hi Julie!”

The package I received, is the first image found on the products page here. It arrived very quickly and was packaged very well. I included a picture in the gallery to show the condition of the packaging. Once you unwrap the Small Wall, you’ll notice that there is an adhesive backing on it that allows you to adhere the “wall” to your own wall after painting it the color of your choice. I’d like to say the adhesive did NOT damage the paint on my walls at all, once I removed it.

I decided that I would use “The Small Wall” to test a pattern and not a paint color. I wanted to see how a pattern might work on one of the walls in my home (see gallery below) and it was really a big help. I used the two Small Walls that came in my package to get a feel for the pattern and you can use the Small Wall for that purpose too. I really like this product and want to thank Julie again for offering to send me a sample. It has been instrumental in helping me make a decision regarding the pattern I might use on my wall some day. Thanks again Julie!



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