Spring Green Interior Design

Spring Green Interior Design

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It was my pleasure to interview Kathryn Goldenoak, of Spring Green Interior Design, about this beautiful kitchen transformation. Please read our interview below and share your thoughts on this amazing design:

LonsDesigns: The before picture of the kitchen truly looks like a blank slate. What were some of the problems you faced with this re-design? 

Karthryn: When the homeowners moved in, the beautiful hardwood floor was the only redeeming feature of the kitchen.  The cabinetry was battered, dented, and outright broken in places. The counter-top was poorly assembled. The ceiling had water damage, hidden by an incredibly ugly drop-ceiling.  And the previous homeowners had shoehorned in a tiny powder room (at left in the ‘before’ image).  The powder room made the entry from the driveway outside incredibly cramped, making it hard to bring in groceries.  And, it had pipes on an outside wall which were prone to freezing, meaning that the door had to be left open all winter, exposing the toilet right next to the refrigerator.  

In addition to that, the kitchen layout had the refrigerator on one side of the room, and the stove and sink far apart from one another on the opposite side of the room.  In practicality, this meant that the large open space in the middle of the room couldn’t be used for an island or seating, since the homeowners would constantly have to be walking around it to get from point A to point B.”

LonsDesigns: Wow, it sounds like you had a real dilemma and major challenges with this makeover. Please share with our readers what was needed to make this awesome transformation.

Kathryn: First, after consulting with a structural engineer, the powder room was removed.  This opened up the entrance from the driveway considerably. To define the entryway further, we used a different flooring material.  The slate tile is washable and less prone to scuffing than the original wood floor that had initially extended to this corner, and replaced flooring that the powder room had damaged.

To address the kitchen’s layout problem, the refrigerator was moved to the back wall, and the sink was moved into an island that now divides the kitchen workspace from the high-traffic walk-through area.   This creates an easy workspace triangle between refrigerator, stove, and sink, with bar-stool seating on the opposite side of the island.  During parties, guests can easily walk through or sit down and chat with the hostess without infringing on her workspace as she brings out a fresh-baked loaf of bread — her personal specialty.”

The homeowners are fond of strong color, and requested a bold, warm color for the kitchen, so together we chose Benjamin Moore Aura Affinity AF-230 Buttered Yam.  Aura paints are low-VOC, washable, and give amazing color saturation coverage without endless coats of paint.  The kitchen’s color creates a warm, cheerful atmosphere for the heart of this home.”

LonsDesigns: I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and sharing this information with us Kathryn. Is there anything futher you’d like us to know?

Kathryn: “Spring Green Interior Design provides eco-aware residential design for the Greater Boston area.  The Spring Green Blog
 can be found at springgreendesign.blogspot.com, and the company’s website is at springgreendesign.com

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