The Small Wall

I’m Thrilled About: The Small Wall!

It was truly a pleasure to receive the “Small Wall” from my Twitter bud Julie Boney and her husband Steve Boney. When you visit the “Small Wall” website, you’ll see this product description: “Small Wall adhesive backed paint sample boards are the easiest & most accurate way to sample paint color.”
However, I wanted to put a different spin on the use of the “Small Wall” and I decided to use it to see how a pattern (instead of paint) would look on one of my walls! I will do a full review on Saturday. It’s my “Saturday Shout Out!”; which is a special blog post specifically designed for reviewing any interior design products or pieces I receive; so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, check out the slide show above and let me know your thoughts on the “Small Wall” in the comments. Thanks!


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